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December 21st | Posted In Events

Dashing Through the Snow with YIP Running Club

Iceskating at Winterfest

Iceskating at Winterfest

Started just this year, the YIP Running Club isn’t your run-of-the-mill running club.

Like a lot of other running clubs, the we meet monthly for a 2-5 mile jog.  But what separates the YIPRC (FACT: millennials love acronyms) from the rest of the pack is what happens at the end of runs: an exploration what makes Philly so great.  We’ve asked Sean Agnew how we went from putting on a few DIY punk shows to being co-owner of Philly’s best venues.  We’ve toured an abandoned rail line that is becoming an amazing park.  And later this month, we’re getting a tour of Waterfront Winterfest, Philly’s popup iceskating rink at Penn’s Landing.

So, without further adieu, here’s a bit more info about Waterfront Winterfest.  Consider it a pre-run warm up.


YIP Run to Waterfront Winterfest 
When: December 30, 6:30PM
Where: Meet at Philly Runner (1601 Sansom), then run to Penn’s Landing (take either the 2 mile and 4 mile route)
Why: Tour of Winterfest, the popup ice skating rink at Penn’s Landing, followed with drinks and socializing at the Lodge

December 17th | Posted In Nonprofit

Eight Reasons A Nonprofit should Add Young Board Members

The NonProfit Times published an article yesterday that every non profit director and recruitment coordinator needs to read.  It’s a succinct list of eight reasons to add young board members.  As you might have guessed, we here at Young Involved Philadelphia tend to agree.  We’re more than just pretty, unwrinkled faces, after all.

Anyway, without further adieu, here are the benefits to putting some baby-faced go-getters on your board, according to  Mary Morten of the Morten Group:

  • An injection of energy that can help reinvigorate an organization.
  • The addition of fresh and creative ideas and a different perspective on most issues – and how to communicate that to a new audience.
  • A greater level of inclusion to ensure the organization is truly representative of variety community interest groups at both a formal and an informal level.
  • A bridge to the next generation of community leaders that helps ensure the future of the organization.
  • A greater level of flexibility and adaptability to make the most of new technologies and trends.
  • Creating a diversity of experience and skills and the ability to use new technologies to spread the organization’s message and its work.
  • Access to expertise on issues and challenges facing youth and the things that matter to them.
  • Access to new networks, which in turn can mean the organization will grow and gain increased community support.

December 17th | Posted In Philadelphia

Killadelphia no more

In case you missed this Sunday’s Inquirer, Philadelphia’s murder rate is on pace to be the lowest since 1967, with 238 homicides as of Saturday.  That means the city is on pace for just 250 homicides this year, just one year after the city saw 331 slayings.  Philadelphia’s crime drop is mirroring a global trend.

A few different factors have contributed to the decline.  Shootings in general are down 15% and more shooting victims are surviving their wounds.  The largest drop was in Northwest Philadelphia, parts of which have seen a large influx of young professionals and development in recent years.  Police officials credited targeted, data-driven policing for breaking the cycle of revenge killings, which have plagued Philadelphia for years.  Commissioner Ramsey said next year’s goal is to drop homicides below 200, which would be the lowest since 1966.  That would be an amazing drop in the murder rate, considering that Philly had 380 murders are recently as 2007.

The take away for young Philadelphians is clear: our city is safer than it’s ever been during our lifetimes.  Philly is on a virtuous cycle – positive stories like this will only beget more good news as they attract more residents and businesses to the city.  Do your part and spread the word: Philly is pretty great and its getting better every day.

December 11th | Posted In Events, SOYP

Why YIP? Why SOYP?

A lot of people ask us “So what does YIP guys do?  What are you guys about?”  Almost as many ask us what SOYP is, and after we tell them, they go “OK, what is State of Young Philly, then”?  

Well, rather than tell you myself, I’ll let Mike Kaiser, our events chair, tell you in this wonderfully produced video courtesy of our friends at Ticketleap.

To quote Mike, “Some people think young people aren’t involved or invested in their communities; when you come to a Young Involved Philadelphia event, you really see a completely different picture.”

Philadelphia has its challenges.  Together, we can face them and overcome them.

That’s what YIP is about.