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December 29th | Posted In Philadelphia

New AP poll confirms what YIP’s been saying, doing for years & explains what we’re doing next

Ward System 110

YIP’s Ward System 101 event on Feb. 5, 2014 sold out – young Philadelphians want to challenge the status quo.

A recent Associated Press-Gfk poll confirmed something we’ve been saying for a while now: young people care and want to get involved. According to the poll, Americans under 30 are more likely than older Americans to consider volunteering a very important civic duty. That’s something YIP knew intuitively: we’re shamelessly proud of having helped hundreds of young Philadelphians connect with the area’s best nonprofits. That’s the core of what we always have and always will do.

But, unfortunately, that same poll showed that young Americans cared less about other important obligations as citizens, such as voting and staying informed.

As the AP notes: “The share who call volunteering very important has climbed 10 percentage points, while staying informed dropped 13 points. The importance of voting, jury duty, reporting a crime and speaking English as obligations of citizenship also declined among young adults.”

While that last finding would make many of us smile (and Joey Vento spin in his grave), the rest are troubling, though understandable.

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December 23rd | Posted In Philadelphia

The Kids are Alright: This Year in Young Involved Philly


As 2014 comes to a close, we here at YIP are busy crunching the numbers – and getting nostalgic just thinking about the last twelve months.

The biggest State of Young Philly yet. Monthly happy hours and run clubs. Two Board Prep cohorts. Coffee chats with some of Philly’s finest leaders. Seventy-five events (yes, you read that right – 75). Over 50 nonprofit partners. And oh yeah – advocacy efforts like our #YoungPHLVotes campaign, Ward 101 event, and civic engagement guide.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

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