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We have 18 Amazing #YoungPhillyLeads Finalists. Meet them on October 5.

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 In partnership with Forbes Under 30 Summit, YIP will be highlighting the people, projects, and organizations whose ideas and work are remaking Philadelphia.

This coming Monday, October 5, #YoungPhillyLeads Awards will recognize the young Philadelphians that have taken their #whyilovephilly game to the next level. Those people will have the opportunity to share how they are shaping, creating, and supporting their communities.

We are pleased to announce the group of finalists who will be recognized during the awards program.

#YoungPhillyLeads Finalists


  • Isaiah Thomas, Dir. Community Affairs, Office of Controller
  • Julie Wertheimer, Deputy Dir. for Policy, Programs & Admin, City of Phila.
  • Kellan White, Community Engagement & Special Events Manager,  Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown


Start-Up / Entrepreneurial 




Civic Engagement 




Join us next Monday, October 5 at the #YoungPhillyLeads Awards to hear from all of the finalists above on how they are moving Philly forward.

All finalists will address the audience by giving a short pitch as to why they deserve to win their respective category.  Each audience member will be able to vote in a live text poll to choose the winner in each category.  You helped us nominate, so now is your chance to help us pick the winners!

Tickets are $30 per person, ticket price includes beer, wine, and refreshments.  Discounted 10-packs of tickets are available for $250. Get Your Ticket Today!

July 14th | Posted In Citizenship, Politics

Project Case Study: The #YoungPHLVotes Social Media Campaign


A big part of our mission at YIP is to increase the number of young people who go to the polls.

As an all-volunteer organization, we have limited time and resources, so holding large scale events, rallies, or canvassing door-to-door was off the table for us. With the May 20th primary election fast approaching, we knew that we needed to do something to help get out the vote among our demographic. We thought about what we could do that would increase the awareness about the election itself, inspire people to get informed, and cast their ballot.

What we came up with was #YoungPHLVotes — a social media campaign that was focused on using the power of personal pledges to spread the message.

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April 7th | Posted In Citizenship

Crossfire Discussion on Gentrification with the People’s Emergency Center


Our friends, the Emerging Leaders of People’s Emergency Center, are holding an a talk entitled “Sounding the Horn: A Crossfire Discussion on Gentrification.”  If you’re available April 24th, you should check it out. If you go to this, you’ll get caught up in the crossfire, given how heated gentrification debates can get. Just remember, no matter how intense things get, no shooting little silver marbles at the panelists.

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March 22nd | Posted In Citizenship

All Aboard the Citizen Advisory Committee Train


Septa Logo

Millennials are flocking to the nation’s cities and giving up their cars in droves. Let’s face it: if we had to choose between buying a car or a smartphone, chances are lots of us would choose the phone. Why? Because we—especially those of us who live in Center City—have a plethora of options for getting around, including walking, biking, car-share, rideshare, Uber, and public transit.

It’s no wonder that SEPTA ridership is at an all-time high. Public transit is cheap, convenient, and you never have to look for parking. With a smartphone, the transit routes and schedules are always at your fingertips. And you can email, Facebook, and tweet to your heart’s content without having to worry about getting a ticket for texting while driving.

With so many millennials taking transit these days, it’s time for us to make our voices heard to improve the public transportation system. What’s the best way to do that? By applying to be part of SEPTA’s Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC advocates on behalf of customers in the five southeastern Pennsylvania counties served by SEPTA – Philly, Bucks, Chester, Delco and Montco. Philadelphia is currently looking for Philadelphia residents to join the CAC.

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February 20th | Posted In Citizenship, YIP

Vote for YIP!

YIP happy hour stock

Befitting an election year, we need you to help us get out the vote.

It’s not the Gubernatorial race that we care about, though (at least not right now): Young Involved Philadelphia has been nominated for a Philly DoGooder Award.

In keeping with one of our lesser known, unpublicized missions of destroying false modesty, let me be clear: YIP is awesome.  We deserve your vote.  We’re sure those others organizations are all well and good, but, we’re like ’08 Phillies and they’re all like the ’93 Phillies, y’know what I mean? So vote for us – it’s the next best thing to playing catch with Chase Utley.  


January 25th | Posted In Citizenship

The Five Day Citizen


I love jury duty. I love the cross-section of Philadelphians in that big holding pen at 1301 Filbert.  I love the genuine enthusiasm with which the judges welcome you to your civic duty.  And I even love that circa 1992 video that walks you through the questionnaire you finished answering twenty minutes ago.

Of course, when my turn came back around recently, I was pulling to be sent home. As much as I appreciate jury duty in theory, the practice is a beast.  You’re herded like cattle into a courtroom, eyeballed like a piece of civic meat by council, and left to age for hours like a cut of marbled beef, unsure of what outcome ultimately awaits you (A two week trial?  A quick dismissal?  A classy steakhouse’s plate?).

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