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April 24th | Posted In Ideasmiths, Nonprofit, Philadelphia

YIP Ideasmiths Podcast – Episode #002 – Katie Monroe of Women Bike PHL

Last month we introduced the YIP Ideasmiths Podcast, where we explore the stories of the young people behind some of your favorite projects, events, and organizations in the area. 

Women Bike PHL

Women Bike PHL

This month I had the chance to sit down with Katie Monroe, founder of Women Bike PHL, a program of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia working to encourage more women to bike. During the interview we discuss her 2012 research revealing the major gender gap in Philly’s bike culture, key changes that would make Philly a more bike-friendly city, and tips for anyone interested in biking more as a way to get around Philly. I need to thank Katie again for taking the time to meet with me, having led a ride for a related group, Gearing Up, just prior to our talk. Katie really lives and breaths her vision for a better Philly.

In her own words:

Katie Monroe

Katie Monroe

At this point when we think of the bike scene and the bike culture it’s people who really identify with their bikes for one reason or another… What I envision for Philly and for the US in general is a world where having a bike is like having a toaster. It’s just the best tool for the job. You don’t have to identify with a toaster or be a toaster person; you don’t have to be a bike person. You just ride your bike because that’s the easiest, cheapest, fastest, happiest way to get where you’re going.

Listen to the interview now by subscribing to the podcast in the iTunes store (no headphones while biking!).

For more info on Women Bike PHL and a calendar of events, visit While you’re at it, tab out your browser with Bicycle Coalition and Gearing Up.

Final notes and disclaimer: This is an experiment we’re trying – if you like it and want to hear more, let us know by subscribing, commenting, and rating on iTunes, and by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t like it and don’t want to hear more, troll us unmercifully on reddit–we don’t usually look there. Honestly though, we want to hear those comments too. We’re a volunteer team, new to this podcasting game, and we want to get better at sharing these stories. And here’s the number one thing you can do: if you know a local young leader with a great story to tell, send us an email at We’ll be capturing these in both the podcast and in written posts.

April 22nd | Posted In Ideasmiths

Ideasmiths: Lansie Sylvia’s Philanthroparty: Philly Give & Get

Name: Lansie Sylvia Title: Founder and Leader of the Pack Day Job: Director of Engagement at Here's My Chance

Name: Lansie Sylvia
Title: Founder and Leader of the Pack
Day Job: Director of Engagement at Here’s My Chance

When asked to profile a young leader in Philadelphia, one of the hardest parts is actually describing the person to those who haven’t had the opportunity to meet them – not just in terms of their accomplishments, degrees, and pieces of paper worthy of more than a refrigerator door – but their personality, demeanor, and character: the things that effortlessly and without them knowing it, make them a leader. And with Lansie Sylvia, Founder of Philly Give & Get, the first word that comes to mind is, not surprisingly, “giving.”

Throughout all of our conversations and emails, Sylvia expressed a desire to constantly improve not only Philadelphia in general, but every willing member of the community, both professionally and personally, whether through sharing skills, conversation, insight, or resources. A passionate member of Indy Hall, Lansie seeks to shake up millennials’ perspectives and interest in the idea of philanthropy and giving through Philly Give & Get.  Read more