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May 7th | Posted In Philadelphia, YIP

Check out YIP’s New Citizen’s Guide!



In case you haven’t heard, Young Involved Philadelphia is all about promoting an engaged, active citizenry. Like “Call me Maybe” circa Summer 2012, it’s totally our jam.

That’s why we’ve made this brand spanking new Citizen’s Guide. Check it out under our Resources tab. YIP’s Citizen Guide is a detailed compendium of online resources related to political and civic engagement in Philadelphia – use it to learn who your elected representatives are, who your local neighborhood associations are, how to join a Young Friends group or where to get your news. Basically, if you want to get more involved but aren’t sure how, it’ll point you in the right direction.

The Citizen’s Guide is brought to you by YIP’s Advocacy Committee – special thanks go to Samantha Pearson, Mike Thomas and Dave Laegen for putting together pretty much all of it. Kyron Banks and Curtis Blessing also deserve kudos.

Remember – this is a work in constant progress, so let us know if we missed something or have something wrong. Please keep in mind we can’t post everything up there – your local cornhole league ain’t gonna make the cut, bro – but we will try to respond to every legit request.

April 3rd | Posted In YIP

Introducing YIP Membership


The Hoff and his Members Only jacket

Members Only

I’m often asked how one becomes “a YIP Member”. The YIP board has hotly debated that question for at least two years, and last month we finally had an answer: like David Hasselfhoff’s jacket, YIP is now Members Only.

From this point forward the majority of our events will charge a premium to non-members (we prefer to call them “the Uninitiated”), if we include them at all. Members will gain exclusive access to community leaders, business leaders, and city officials who want to hear the voice of young Philadelphia. YIP Members will be that voice because they are just that f’ing important. The YIP Blog will remain public so we can bring you weekly profiles of our Members, undoubtedly the most interesting young people in Philadelphia and probably the world.

If you want all this you MUST become a dues-paying, card-carrying YIP Member today….

Just kidding, guys! (We’re still working April Fools Day out of our systems). We’ve started a membership program, but it’s nothing like that crap above. Read on to find out what it’s really all about.

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February 20th | Posted In Citizenship, YIP

Vote for YIP!

YIP happy hour stock

Befitting an election year, we need you to help us get out the vote.

It’s not the Gubernatorial race that we care about, though (at least not right now): Young Involved Philadelphia has been nominated for a Philly DoGooder Award.

In keeping with one of our lesser known, unpublicized missions of destroying false modesty, let me be clear: YIP is awesome.  We deserve your vote.  We’re sure those others organizations are all well and good, but, we’re like ’08 Phillies and they’re all like the ’93 Phillies, y’know what I mean? So vote for us – it’s the next best thing to playing catch with Chase Utley.  


January 22nd | Posted In Events, Politics, Programs, YIP

A Cynic’s Conversion

This past weekend, I was holed up in a room with the rest of Young Involved Philadelphia’s new Board of Directors for a two-day long meeting and strategy session.  We had every right to be burned out on all things youthful, Philly or involving involvement.  But the Board, including a usually pessimistic me, emerged from that never-ending meeting feeling more energized than a drum-playing bunny.

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January 7th | Posted In Philadelphia, Programs, YIP

Want to Write for the YIP Blog? Why, Of Course You Do!

Independence Hall

Independence Hall is so inspiring

Do you care about Philly’s nonprofit sector, civic engagement, community service or all of the above?  Have a way with words and a bit of spare time?  Sounds like you might have what it takes to contribute to the YIP Blog! Read more

January 2nd | Posted In Policy, Politics, YIP

The Reasons Behind Our Resign to Run Poll


Back in the day, YIP would take strong public stands on various issues in Philly that mattered to young adults.  We’ve always believed that making Philly vibrant and youthful is good for the city as a whole. Over the past few years, though, YIP has been more focused on building the next generation of local leaders, especially in the nonprofit sector. Over the last year, more people have asked us to return to local policy and politics again (while maintaining our nonprofit work, too – you people are demanding).  Well, we’re listening and launching a new effort to ensure that we can effectively listen to, and speak for, Philly’s young professionals.

We first dipped our toes into the ocean of advocacy when Councilman Oh’s office asked us to support the Councilman’s “Resign to Run” proposal.  We decided to ask our members what they thought, and their tepid response kept us from taking a plunge.  Philly’s political waters can be murky at the best of times, so, for transparency’s sake, we wanted to explain what we did and why. Read more