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Fulfilling a #Dreamcup

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It’s a classic question that has been used in a variety of situations, whether breaking the ice in a classroom, passing the time on a road trip, or filling the awkward silences of first dates: If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Now, much unlike my childhood days when I would immediately blurt out whatever actor or singer I was obsessed with at the time (or whoever was on the cover of Bop and TigerBeat), today, this question causes a lot of internal debate.  My answer is never immediate (and never a pop star). Have you ever thought about how those win-a-date with a celebrity radio promotions actually turn out? My guess is rather uncomfortable with a side of awkward silence and extra disconnect.

Why? While I may like a star’s music and admire their success, they have not achieved anything I am interested in pursuing or can even mildly relate to. In fact, my musical ambitions start and end with the car, shower, and brief humbling stints at Yakitori Boy. And – let’s be honest – dinner is quite a long time to spend with someone you have nothing to say to outside of inquiring about the water levels of each other’s glasses; the sound of silence really only plays well when Simon and Garfunkel are behind it.

The Creative Café at Replica, a graphic design and print firm meets coffeeshop located at 3711 Market Street, turns this classic question into reality with a modern and meaningful twist through their monthly #DreamCup campaign.

Instead of dinner, The Creative Café @ Replica chooses one lucky person every month to share a cup of coffee with an innovative Philadelphian of their choice, awarding the individual a chance to gain invaluable insight and advice from a local thought leader they admire.

Keith Leaphart, Brand Manager of Replica Creative and visionary of the #DreamCup, truly understands the need for young professionals in Philadelphia to network and interact with those they admire in order to continue the waves of entrepreneurship, progress, and invention our City has been experiencing in recent years.

“The idea is a very unique, creative way for young professionals in the City to meet with interesting people they admire. The idea was founded on creating connections. #DreamCup is all about connecting individuals within our City for networking and career opportunities, and we’ve gotten a great response so far. Everyone has someone they would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.”

This January, the first person to win their #DreamCup from The Creative Café was Kiera Smalls who chose to share a cup of Counter Culture coffee and an informative and motivating conversation with Desiree Peterkin Bell, City Representative and Director of Communications for Mayor Michael A. Nutter.

So, who would you share your #Dreamcup with? What Philadelphia mover, maker, shaker, or innovator truly inspires you?

Tell The Creative Café @ Replica in a 140-character tweet or Vine video @designprintcafe. You could be toasting mugs next month with your Philadelphia hero, living the #DreamCup.

For more information about Replica Creative, The Creative Café or the #DreamCup Campaign, please visit:

Samantha Pearson is a Technical Writer working in West Philadelphia. In her spare time, she blogs, collects publishing rejection letters, and searches for Philly’s best Pad Thai. Follow her on Twitter @BlondeWords

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