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Last Week in Philly: 10/27 – 11/3 Edition

By YIP Advocacy Committee

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Welcome to YIP’s Last Week in Philly – a weekly recap of all the vital news stories you might have missed while riding the emotional roller coaster that was the Eagles game this week. Check back every Monday for our recap of last week’s most important stories.




Despite the urgings of City Council, there are still no scheduled negotiations between the SRC and the teachers.  Meanwhile, the District is appealing the injunction placed on the SRC’s attempt to cancel the teachers’ contract.






Confused about the three measures on tomorrow’s ballot?  YIP’s got you covered with a serious knowledge-drop on all three important issues.


Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery resigned in the wake of extortion charges.  Chief Justice Castille will be stepping down at the end of the year after hitting the mandatory retirement age.  Another Justice is set to retire next year.  So, who’s going to take over?  Here are some possibilities, including the brother of the one-man Democratic political machine John Dougherty.


PA lags behind other states in key voter access measures, such as early voting and online registration.


Leanna Washington is no longer a state senator, but she can put in the positive column of her ledger that she won’t be going to prison.
City Council approved the hate crimes measure.  According to, the bill would “make it a crime to harm someone because of sexual orientation, gender identity, or disabilities.”  Just for the record, it’s already a crime to “harm someone” regardless of any of those factors; now, punishments will now be stiffer for violence triggered by hatred of these specific groups.





Any updates on SEPTA’s smart card system?  Nope.


City Council has killed the PGW sale.  Mayor Nutter is not amused, and is rallying his troops to try to get Council to reconsider.  It’s probably no surprise that labor forces are opposed to the sale.


SEPTA and its workers have come to a late-hour agreement, avoiding a strike.  For now, at least.
Council has created a vacant properties task force (scroll down in the article) that “would catalog and arrange for routine inspections of an estimated 400 such properties throughout the city.”





Reports of shady, borderline-monopolistic practices by Comcast will come as a surprise to absolutely everyone ever.




More than 50% of likely voters, ages 18-29, want a Republican-controlled congress.


Mayor Nutter supports the arrival of UberX, even as Taxi drivers protest.
Bike commuting has significantly increased in the last two years.  Nice work, everyone!



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