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Last Week in Philly: 10/6 – 10/13 Edition

By YIP Advocacy Committee


Welcome to YIP’s Last Week in Philly – a weekly recap of all the vital news stories you might have missed while riding the emotional roller coaster that was the Eagles game this week. Check back every Monday for our recap of last week’s most important stories.


[Editor’s note: Yup, it’s Wednesday evening, not Monday.  Sometimes your humble editors are too busy to meet their own deadlines.  Please accept even-more-belated Philly news!  It’s not as pretty or flowerly as usual, but it’s still just as awesome.  Mostly.]



Students strike in support of teachers

In response to last week’s nullification of the teachers’ contract by the SRC, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf has come out in favor of abolishing the SRC and replacing with a locally-elected school board.  We’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine if the Philly political process would actually produce a group capable of more effective school governance.
As a result of the cancelling of the teachers’ contract, the District allocated more funds to schools.





More trouble for Fattah


Maybe emails from City officials employees and employees shouldn’t get automatically deleted, eh? [Moved from infrastructure – FI]
Think the top gun of Philly elections should, like, vote?  In elections?  Weird.





Any updates on SEPTA’s smart card system?  YES!  SEPTA has begun testing the new smart card system.  You can walk up to one and be thoroughly confused about how to use your tokens (hint: you have to give them to an actual person) at the southern Dilworth Plaza entrance.


Started thanks in part to an online petition started by This Old City, SEPTA’s successful overnight weekend subway service will continue indefinitely! The rest of the system, particularly regional rail trains, is also receiving increased ridership, prompting discussions of how to provide more accommodating service. PATCO is also putting more money into their system, specifically to track replacement.


As Philadelphia enters a period of sustained market-rate housing demand, two Philadelphia housing agencies are separately issued requests for proposals to construct affordable rental housing.


Regional crime mapping tool: awesome or awesomest?
Ridesharing companies (e.g. Uber and Lyft) are unlikely to get satisfaction from the General Assembly this year. But for those still inclined, here’s a way to express support for legislation.





John Oliver takes Philly to task over civil forfeiture


Could fracking turn Philly into an energy hub?





Millennials pay attention to the news but don’t vote.  What’s up with that?

Obama targeting millennials with economic pitch.


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