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Last Week in Philly: 9/6 – 9/15 Edition

By YIP Advocacy Committee


Welcome to YIP’s Last Week in Philly – a weekly recap of all the vital news stories you might have missed while planning out your Restaurant Week. Check back every Monday for our recap of last week’s most important stories.



School is no longer out for summer, which means Alice Cooper lied to us.

School Reform Commission: The Teachers’ Union is angry over City Council’s refusal to add a non-binding referendum to the November ballot asking Philadelphians whether the School District should be controlled by the School Reform Commission or a local school board. The SRC can only be disbanded by a vote of the SRC itself or an act of the state legislature.

The Notebook will have a new focus this year: children’s behavioral health issues.

Raw numbers on school performance, for your perusal.


Mayor’s Race 2015: There will be at least one person running for Mayor after Terry Gillen threw her hat in the ring, becoming the first to officially declare on the Democratic side. Former City Solicitor Ken Trujillo tweeted that he will be making a “major announcement” Wednesday, meaning he will likely be the second official candidate.

Voting: The PA Supreme Court is deliberating on a case questioning the quality and accuracy of PA’s voting machines.  You’d think we’d have figured this out 14 years after the hanging chads…


Buildings go boom: The same week another high-rise public housing project is demolished, City Council begins consideration of easing access to its Longtime Owner Occupants Program, one of several intended to keep residents in their homes.

Planning: City Council may start dabbling in city planning thanks to the Community Sustainability Initiative.  Here’s hoping they’re good at it!

Bikes: Tired of parked cars blocking bike lanes? Learn how to unblock them!

Love Park: Like an aging trophy wife, Love Park is slated to get some work done. The public is being solicited for suggestions. Go to PlanPhilly to learn how you can help plan the Love Park of tomorrow.


New Jobs: 25% of Philadelphia CFOs expect to hire for new professional positions within the next six months but have some difficulty finding skilled candidates. An additional 63% expect to maintain current staff levels or fill vacated positions. CFOs are also more willing to negotiate on salary offers than a year ago. Check out this infographic summarizing the data.

New Philadelphians:Data collected by United Van Lines indicates that many are migrating from West Coast cities to Midwestern and Northeastern cities. From May to August, peak moving season, the number of people moving to Philadelphia was 26% higher than the number moving out.



Spending habits: Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000 ,spend their money differently than previous generations, prioritizing companies, products, and services that are socially responsible. This helps explain why several of the “least-liked brands” among millennials were big banks like CitiGroup and Bank of America.

Marketing to millennials: The social values of millennials are forcing companies to change marketing tactics, including convincing young adults that they’re “doing good” by buying their products or services. Marketing is now being seen as a reciprocal relationship propelled by social media.

Millennial aversion to credit cards will leave many without a significant credit history and cause difficulties when trying to gain credit for larger purchases.


Neighborhood spotlight – South of South

The Royal Theater, long a Philadelphia landmark, may finally be set for revitalization.  Key word: “may.”  We’ve been down this road before, so time will tell.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has plans to build a major new structure ( in the neighborhood.  The Schuylkill Avenue project has been controversial, but it appears to be moving along.

And all that Jazz: The first annual Philadelphia United Jazz Festival and Celebration will be held this Saturday, September 20th.  This is part of an effort to revamp Philly’s renowned jazz scene.

Beer: While we’re at it, Bloctoberfest is set to return on October (duh) 11th.

Last Week in Philly is brought to you by the YIP Advocacy Committee, generally, and Curtis Blessing, Nathanael Brouhard, Frank Iannuzzi, Jim Saksa and Stephen St. Vincent, specifically. If you want to break up this boys club (please do) or make it that much more dude-tastc, email Ben Stango to join the Advocacy Committee at BenStango at gmail.

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