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Know a great Philly public servant? Nominate them for the Dilworth Award

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It’s always nice to get a little recognition for a job well done. Most of us can enjoy the simple pleasures of hearing a “thanks” or “good job” when we do something well at work.  But if there is a group of people who toil unnoticed at best, and under the hyper critical scrutiny of complete strangers at worst, it’s city government workers.

More often than not, their work goes unnoticed. When it doesn’t, its usually because something is screwed up.

That’s why Mayor Nutter established the Richardson Dilworth Award for Distinguished Public Service a few years ago.  It’s to say “Hey, usually anonymous bureaucrat – I noticed that you did a great job here, and made Philly better, so let me say thanks.”

This year, the award program has expanded and includes two new award categories, honoring Innovation in Government and Excellence in Public Service.

You can help give your favorite civic servant the attention he or she deserves by nominating them for the Dilworth Award.

If you know someone who has helped make your city a better place to live, work, or play, please submit a nomination at Nominations are accepted through November 14th.

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