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Trivia Tuesday!

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Isn’t quizzo the greatest?  Whether you are a New Deck purist who spells it with just one ‘z’, or prefer to win “adult” toys at a round of Kinky Quizzo, you can’t help but to love the thrill of being the only person at your table who knows the name of the state bird of Pennsylvania‡.

To celebrate my love of Philadelphia and our love of quizzo (which is one of the reasons #whyilovephilly), I give you a Philly-focused trivia question every Tuesday.  Answers after the jump.

This week’s trivia question:  Man, was that an awful Super Bowl or what?  Watching the Seahawks dominate made me think of our beloved Birds, the subject of this week’s trivia question.  The Eagles were formed in 1933 to replace the Frankford Yellow Jackets as Philadelphia’s pro football team.  The owner, Bert Bell, named the team the Eagles after the logo of a government agency.  Name the agency!

Answer:  The National Recovery Agency.  The NRA’s symbol was a blue eagle, which businesses were allowed to post at their companies if they followed the Roosevelt Administration’s Re-employment Agreement or Code of Fair Competition.  There’s a great Planet Money podcast on how the history of the minimum wage relates to this blue eagle.  Bell was essentially using the Roosevelt Administration’s brand to boost his franchise’s in the midst of the Great Depression.  It’d be like naming an expansion team the “TARPs” today.    

‡Ruffed Grouse, a favorite of Pennsylvanian bird hunters.

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