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Trivia Tuesday!

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Isn’t quizzo the greatest?  Whether you are a New Deck purist who spells it with just one ‘z’, or prefer to win “adult” toys at a round of Kinky Quizzo, you can’t help but to love the thrill of being the only person at your table who knows why Temple’s mascot is the owl‡.

To celebrate my love of Philadelphia and our love of quizzo (which is one of the reasons #whyilovephilly), I give you a Philly-focused trivia question every Tuesday.  Answers after the jump.

This week’s trivia question:  Temple’s not having the best of basketball seasons, but there is reason to cheer the Owls yet – the Inquirer reports that two former players are making a documentary on their beloved former coach, John Chaney.  Irascible, tenacious and a lightning rod for controversy, Chaney enjoyed over 500 wins with Temple, over 1000 games as a collegiate coach (741-312), and 17 NCAA tournament appearances.  No wonder the man was elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.  226 of those 741 wins came at a school other than Temple, though.  Name the historically black college where Chaney coached before becoming a legend on North Broad.

Answer:  Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.  At the time, the school was known as Chaney State College.  It is unknown whether the Chaney chose Cheyney for homophonic reasons, but I certainly hope so.  Before that, Chaney coached at Simon Gratz High.  

‡According to Temple University’s website, “To honor Temple’s beginning as a night school for ambitious young people, the nocturnal owl was adopted as its mascot.”  According to wikipedia, Temple was the first college to adopt the owl as it’s mascot (I can’t find anything to that effect on Temple’s website, though).  While certainly better than the oxymoronic “Fighting Quakers” at Penn (not to mention that Penn has no real connection to Quakerism), the Temple Owl has nothing on my favorite college mascot: Dartmouth’s Keggy the Keg.

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