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Trivia Tuesday!

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Isn’t quizzo the greatest?  Whether you are a New Deck purist who spells it with just one ‘z’, or prefer to win “adult” toys at a round of Kinky Quizzo, you can’t help but to love the thrill of being the only person at your table who knows who Kelly Drive is named after‡.

To celebrate my love of Philadelphia and our love of quizzo (which is one of the reasons #whyilovephilly), I give you a Philly-focused trivia question every Tuesday.  Answers after the jump.

This week’s trivia question:  I’m finishing up a pretty great biography of Edmund Bacon, the man who gave us Society Hill (yay!), the Vine Street Expressway (boo!) and the star of Footloose (meh, I liked him better in Animal House).  One of YIP’s first causes was keeping Love Park open to skateboarders, a cause Ed famously joined by skating the park at a 92 years young.  Born in West Philadelphia and growing up in Swarthmore, Bacon studied Architecture at Cornell, worked briefly in Shanghai and was then awarded a scholarship at the Cranbook Academy of Art.  Eventually, he’d return to Philadelphia and transform it into the city we know today.  But between Cranbook and Philadelphia, he spent some time in another city, where he was run out of town by that city’s upper classes for trying to develop federal housing there.  What was that city?

Answer:  Flint, Michigan.  Bacon learned a lot about politics in Flint and applied those lessons to Philadelphia.  Whereas Philadelphia weathered the downturn in American manufacturing and is now growing again, Flint is best known as a city that inspired powerful documentaries and hauntingly sorrowful melodies.  

‡John B. Kelly Sr., two time olympic rower and father of Princess Grace.  It’s unclear whether the winding road along the Schuylkill was named after Jack Kelly because of the rowing or his great work siring someone who could make people into “sirs”, but given the statue, we think it was for pulling the oars.

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