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We (and City Council) Want to Hear from You

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Don’t we make you sick sometimes? YIP that is. Aren’t we just a bit too pro-Philly to stomach? How many #whyilovephilly tweets can one group of people produce, after all?  (I don’t know, but it looks like we had 444 Instagram posts in February.)

We’re worse than a drunk couple at the bar, making out when they think no one is looking, even though we’re all staring daggers and would probably throw actual daggers if we had them.

Listen, we know we’re a bit saccharine sometimes.  Much like the grammar behind “jawn”, Philly ain’t perfect, and we get that.  We all have things we’d like to see changed around here.  Hell, that’s one of the reasons why YIP exists (and you thought it was just the happy hours and resume padding). We want to improve the city and believe young Philadelphians can contribute something valuable towards making that happen.

Today, that something valuable is also something simple: we need your opinion.

What would make Philly a better place for millennials?

YIP is working with City Council to make Philly a more millennial-friendly city. We know that fixing our broken school system, bringing new jobs into town, and lowering crime rates are all top priorities for our generation – and for every generation, for that matter – but, for this effort, we are targeting small, quality of life issues that affect us on a daily basis.
Personally – just me, Jim, not necessarily YIP – I’d love to see better phone apps for city services, more bike lanes and racks, and for someone to bring back the Khyber’s $10 Sunday night open bar.  Not all my ideas are feasible (did I mention it was a SIX HOUR open bar?), but I hope you can do better. Don’t be shy: Tell us your ideas here.
Remember, we’re looking for the smaller changes that can make outsized impacts on making city desirable to millennials.  We’d appreciate it if you avoided asking for things that’ll never happen (e.g. making SEPTA free, forgiving your student loans, getting the Sixers to win a championship, etc.) or things completely outside the power of City Council.  Instead, just give us your best, most transformative and absolutely awe-inspiring ideas. That shouldn’t be too much to ask.


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