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Want to Write for the YIP Blog? Why, Of Course You Do!

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Independence Hall

Independence Hall is so inspiring

Do you care about Philly’s nonprofit sector, civic engagement, community service or all of the above?  Have a way with words and a bit of spare time?  Sounds like you might have what it takes to contribute to the YIP Blog!

The YIP Blog exists to be both the voice of Young Involved Philadelphia and a forum for young professional Philadelphians.  We want to hear your take on what makes this city great and what we can do to make it better.

Here’s how it works: send your submission or pitch to me, Jim Saksa, and I’ll review it and let you know if it sounds right for the YIP Blog.  Please include your name and any additional contact information you want to include with the post (e.g. twitter handle or website link).

What’s right for the YIP Blog:

Fun, informed and informative articles.  Give us your intelligent take on what’s happening around town.

Articles focused on nonprofits, civic engagement, and community service in and around Philadelphia.

Your beautiful Philly-focused art.  Photos, paintings, videos, whatever – we’ll publish it all.

We’re looking for one-off submissions and consistent contributors alike.  If you have an idea for a regularly reoccurring column, make us a pitch.

Look at what we publish. That. We want more of that.

What’s wrong for the YIP Blog:

This isn’t for nonprofit events—as much as we love the good work you’re doing, we can’t advertise every upcoming fundraiser or membership drive. However, if you have a truly interesting or unique event that is upcoming or just happened, let us know!

If you want to write an article supporting Candidate So-and-so, look elsewhere.  Various laws prevent YIP from campaigning. (Besides, we heard Candidate So-and-so is a moron.)

Any submission containing “irregardless” or the non-sardonic use of multiple exclamation points.


Please keep in mind that we cannot publish every submission; even excellently written articles might not work for this blog.  Also, this is a passion project – we can’t pay you (sorry).  If it makes you feel any better, we don’t pay ourselves, either (actually, that just makes me feel worse…).


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