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Inky Op-Ed: Make Hall Monitor Permanent

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When Lord Acton wrote “Power tends to corrupt, and absolutely power corrupts absolutely” he wasn’t talking about political power – at least not in the traditional sense. Acton was speaking out against the First Vatican Council’s promulgation of papal infallibility. Acton lost his doctrinal dogfight, but he remained a devout Catholic his entire life.

Right now, Philadelphia is facing another fight about power and corruption. As noted in the Inquirer’s Editorial on Thursday, Hall monitor worth keeping, “Stories of local officials using their offices for personal profit are as wearying as they are familiar.” City Council can take Lord Acton’s advice and make the Inspector General’s Office permanent.

When the Church ignored Acton, he managed to keep his faith. If City Hall ignores Acton, will Philadelphians will be able to do the same?

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