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You need to read tapped out

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I don’t have much to say about the amazing series The Daily News is publishing this week, other than this: you absolutely need to read it.

Read it. Right now.

I’ve read enough psychology to know that humans are instinctually tribal. We constantly and subconsciously assess the world around us and place people into one of two buckets – like me or not like me. This distinction can fall along cultural, racial, political, gender, religion and socio-economic lines. But with some effort and understanding, we can overwhelm our inherent biases, these evolutionary leftovers from when human life was nasty, brutish and short. Today, many of us can see past race, religion, gender and ethnicity and see a “like me”.

But life is still nasty, brutish and short for those in abject poverty. When we see someone struggling – if we see them at all – most of us see a “not like me.” And when we make someone into the Other, they become easier to blame for the misfortunes that behalf them. And so what are misfortunes to us are consequences with them – bad luck becomes deserved results.

Understanding is the first step towards empathy.Reading this series can be a first step to overcoming this lingering bias.

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