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Trivia Tuesday!

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Isn’t quizzo the greatest?  Whether you are a New Deck purist who spells it with just one ‘z’, or prefer to win “adult” toys at a round of Kinky Quizzo, you can’t help but to love the thrill of being the only person at your table who knows who made that statue of William Penn on top of City Hall‡.

To celebrate my love of quizzo (which is one of the reasons #whyilovephilly), I give you a Philly-focused trivia question every Tuesday.  Answers after the jump.

This week’s trivia question: Today, I was talking with some YIPsters about somethings we’d change about Philly if we magically could. One of those things is our famously negative attitude – we really are a town constantly looking for something to fault. Perhaps no one suffers directly from this phenomena more than our pro athletes. For this week’s question, name the athlete who said this: “If you’re associated with the Philadelphia media or town, you look for negatives. I don’t know if there’s something about their upbringing or they have too many hoagies, or too much cream cheese.” And this: “Philadelphia is the only city where you can experience the thrill of victory and the agony of reading about it the next day.”


(Scroll down for the answer – I’ve been asked to do this to prevent accidental cheating.)









Answer: Mike Schmidt. No. 20 was one of the best 3rd basemen of all time and played his entire career for the Phillies.His mustache is glorious. If anyone tells you that McNally’s named the Schmitter after him, however, they are wrong. Even he heard it from the fans and media here.  Finally, for the record, Mike was wrong about the hoagies – you can never have enough.

‡Alexander Milne Calder.

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