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Looking to Get Involved? We can help

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Every month, Young Involved Philadelphia partners with some of the city’s best nonprofits for a happy hour meet-and-greet we call the Get Involved Happy Hour.

We’re trying to make this more than just another networking happy hour by focusing it on connecting young professionals with nonprofits.  When I first moved back to Philadelphia, I knew I wanted to get involved with a civically engaged organization, but didn’t know how.  I looked on some websites, emailed some contacts, but that didn’t get me face-to-face with actual people who could describe what their organization did and what they were looking for from volunteers.  It wasn’t until I stumbled across YIP that I found a group right for me (and even with YIP, it took me a long time to find out how to get involved).

Young Involved Philadelphia believes that helping our civic institutions connect with young professionals, and each other, provides a tremendous benefit to those institutions and, therefore, the city itself.   The Get Involved Happy Hour is one way we try to help make those connections.  For us, its more than just a happy hour.  It’s where we hope a meaningful relationship can get its start.

So, join us at Field House January 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30.  We will be joined by PhilaSoup, which brings together diverse sectors of the Philadelphia education community and supports initiatives that enhance the learning experience of Philly students, Rock to the Future, which provides music education to Philly’s underserved youth at no cost to the families, and the Asian Arts Initiative, which uses art as a vehicle to explore the experiences of Asian Americans and their diverse communities.

Admission is only $6.25 if you sign up online ($7 at the door) and includes your first drink free and some appetizers (beeteedubs: the main reason we charge is because people RSVP for free events but then never show, which is lame.  Consider that your event planning pro-tip of the day: charge a tiny fee if you want an accurate RSVP head count)

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