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More Arrows in the Quiver

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In case you missed yesterday’s Daily News, YIP’s very own Stephen St.Vincent (no relation to the singer, which is oh so cruel), wrote one hell of a letter to the editor in response to the tone of the tabloid’s coverage of the Pew report on Philly’s millennials.  Read it here.

My favorite line in the letter: “[R]ather than seeing these Pew statistics as representative of failings of our city, we should see them as opportunities to improve, and more arrows in the quiver in our fight for fair school funding.”

As St.Vincent notes, what millennials want isn’t exactly diametrically opposed to what other generations want.  Our concerns – jobs, schools, crime and public transit – are largely everyone’s concerns.  We just need to work together to fix them.  Millennials cannot – and will not – sit on the sidelines and wait for our elders to fix the city’s problems.

That’s why YIP is holding our “Ward Politics 101“.  YIP President Nick Marzano described it best: “To change the city, you need understand the city, and YIP’s goal is to make that palatable and approachable.” Don’t wait to get your tickets here, folks, because, as Nick noted “We’re anticipating a sell-out, and there’s not much we can do after that. As you might imagine, a place called Ladder 15 takes fire code seriously.”

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