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Introducing YIP Membership

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The Hoff and his Members Only jacket

Members Only

I’m often asked how one becomes “a YIP Member”. The YIP board has hotly debated that question for at least two years, and last month we finally had an answer: like David Hasselfhoff’s jacket, YIP is now Members Only.

From this point forward the majority of our events will charge a premium to non-members (we prefer to call them “the Uninitiated”), if we include them at all. Members will gain exclusive access to community leaders, business leaders, and city officials who want to hear the voice of young Philadelphia. YIP Members will be that voice because they are just that f’ing important. The YIP Blog will remain public so we can bring you weekly profiles of our Members, undoubtedly the most interesting young people in Philadelphia and probably the world.

If you want all this you MUST become a dues-paying, card-carrying YIP Member today….

Just kidding, guys! (We’re still working April Fools Day out of our systems). We’ve started a membership program, but it’s nothing like that crap above. Read on to find out what it’s really all about.

No Velvet Rope

Truth is, YIP exists to make it easier to create pathways. We want to help you make your Philadelphia better by connecting you with other Philadelphians and with organizations whose missions matter to you; by distilling and disseminating real, approachable information about public policy and politics; and by amplifying the young voices we hear across a variety of channels. That’s a mission open to everyone who believes in it. Cordoning off a huge chunk of that for ‘insiders only’ feels too much like old-school Philly. We’re not Young Entrenched Philly (although, that would make for a better acronym…).

We accomplish a lot with 14 board members, over 40 committee volunteers, and thousands of subscribers, attendees, and advocates. But we need to do more.

So we’re asking you — our members — to become a Supporting Member, not just for yourself, but in support of a mission that keeps its door open to engage, connect, and represent as many young Philadelphians as possible.

Introducing the YIP Supporting Membership (No, seriously this time)

There are tons of ways to participate in Young Involved Philadelphia. You can write for our blog, join one of our committees (like programming or advocacy), apply to join our Board Prep Program, or volunteer with one of our partner organizations. And we hope you will come out to State of Young Philly 2014 this fall and help us workshop action items for 2015.

Now, add to all of that an opportunity to officially put your name behind Young Involved Philadelphia as a YIP Supporting Member at the $35, $50, or $75 level. Yes, there are some tangible benefits – check those out here. The important thing is this: by joining at any level you are making a statement that the information, connections, and opportunities YIP offers should be open to everyone, and that you are a stakeholder in making that happen.

Make it official. Join here.

Nick Marzano is President of YIP, and has never quite been able to pull off a Member’s Only jacket. He, like the rest of YIP’s board, thinks open access to information and civic dialogue is pretty damn cool. You can find him on Twitter @nmarzano, or at most YIP events.

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